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Must-Haves for Landscapers

There are a lot of landscaping tools in hardware stores, gardening shops, and other shops all around the world. The tricky part is to know which landscaping tools are important and useful. So if you want to have a great garden, make sure your garage has some more space for these tools:


Since pruning is essential for some plants, then you would need pruners in your garden tools collection. Pruners help keep your lawn at its best. The type of pruners you need can be determined by the plants that you have. The most popular pruners are the hand held ones, but if you have small branches and large shrubs, you may need those pruners that have longer blades compared to the hand held pruners.


To build a garden, you would need plants. And to have some plants, the shovel comes in handy for you to be able to dig holes. That is why the shovel is deemed to be the most important landscaping tool. Shovels can help you dig holes for large plants or small seeds. The size of the shovel is determined by the size of your garden. It would be great to have a full-size shovel but if you only have a small area then you may only need a hand shovel.


The wheelbarrow is a time saver when it comes to transporting things such as leaves, dirt, rocks and other yard wastes you wish to remove. So if you have a large area, a wheelbarrow will save you from backaches. If you think that it isn’t essential for your garden, then think again. You’ll never know when you’re going to need some transporting of materials.


Instead of leaf blowers which aren’t eco-friendly at all and are rather noisy, use rakes instead. Aside from gathering grass clippings, pine needles, dead leaves and other lawn debris, rakes can also be used to mulch on large beds and to spread straw.

Watering Can

Unless your garden hoses are long enough to reach every area of the garden, then you won’t have to have a watering can. But that isn’t enough reason not to actually have one in your garage. There may come a time that your garden hoses get damaged. Watering cans are also best for newly planted seeds and container plants, as they gently water plants and not wash away the seeds.

When you already have the five important tools stated, and after much experience in the garden, you would know what to add in your garden tools collection. Just make sure you have enough space in your garage.