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How to Make a Cleaning Service More Affordable?

All of us are busier than ever these days, and some weeks it is hard to find time to get all the cleaning chores done that we would like. Have you had thoughts of hiring a cleaning service, but have thought you wouldn’t be able to fit it into your budget? Think again, you might be able to afford it after all. The best way to save on the cost of having a cleaning service is to be specific about the things you want them to do. Most cleaning services are flexible about what jobs they do at specific locations.

Take some time and think about your cleaning needs. Start by making a list of the jobs that you really hate to do around the house. These will be the jobs that you would really feel are worth paying to have done. And this is the start of the list for what the cleaning service will be asked to do. Add that bathroom that you put off doing all the time on the top of the list for the service to do. But, if you really don’t cook very often and don’t mind keeping the kitchen cleaned up regularly, then keep that for yourself to do.

Fine tune your needs and be specific with your service about what you want done and what you don’t want done. There is no need paying them to cleaning the utility room if that is not important to you. Why have them clean the spare bedroom when it isn’t going to be used anytime soon? If you seldom cook, that may be a good room to pick and choose what you’d like the service do. You might be pleased just to have the sink cleaned and the floor washed! Or maybe clean the microwave inside and out, the coffee maker, and the floor.

This idea may not seem so easy for everyone. Those of you that feel like you hate every part of cleaning will have the worst time with it. But if you can’t afford to have it all done for you, then compromise. You are still going to have to do some of it yourself, but just keep reminding yourself how much you appreciate having some of those really hated jobs done for you. Maybe someday your budget will allow for having the whole house cleaned, but for now, some help is better than none at all. Happy cleaning.